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Corbata ties are spreading confidence and compliments to dads everywhere

When it comes to fashion sense, Fresno Dad falls somewhere between Patton Oswalt and the friendly barista at your neighborhood Starbucks. Like many dads with busy schedules, my fashion style could best be described as understated, dependable and consistent. In other words: Boring.

But inspired by a recent episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, I’ve decided to make a renewed effort in the fashion department (as my daughter reminded me, any effort will be a marked improvement at this point). I’m working on a complete wardrobe makeover but have decided to start with my neckware, especially since I’ve been rotating the same ties for years.

The journey has started with Corbata, a new company based out of San Francisco that caught my eye with a unique “compliment guarantee.” Essentially, Corbata guarantees that you’ll get at least one compliment the first time you wear their tie. If you don’t, they give you 50 percent off their next tie. As someone who’s always fishing for compliments, I was happy to put Corbata to the test.

I tried two of their ties last week — “The Saturday” along with “The Bay,” a San Francisco bay inspired floral tie that promises to transport you to the sites, sounds and smells of the bay. Truthfully, that’s more than I’d ever expect from a tie. I’m happy with a simple compliment, thank you. And sure enough, I got one the first day I wore “The Bay” to the office. Then I received two more when I wore “The Saturday,” even though I wore it on a Friday. (And yes, there is a Corbata tie named after every day of the week.)

Both ties that I wore – “The Saturday” and “The Bay” – could easily be worn during the workweek and the weekend. This is a huge selling point for busy dads who don’t want to make a lot of decisions about their ties; we want something versatile and inspiring, and I’m happy to report that Corbata has delivered on both fronts.

Corbata’s ties are approximately 58-inches long and 2.5-inches wide, featuring handcrafted quality that definitely stands out. My daughter says the slim look of the tie has dramatically improved my sagging cool-Dad score, which is the only compliment I ever really need.

With a wide selection of themes — including wedding, floral and San Francisco-inspired — there’s something for everyone at Corbata, but dads especially will love the style and the affordable price point. Check them out online at


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