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Celebrate this holiday season with your four legged friends and High5Dogs

The holidays are just around the corner! While you’re crossing all those loved ones off your naughty and nice list don’t forget your favorite four-legged friends. Give them a fetching gift with High5Dogs

Creating innovative products that cater to contemporary needs, this handy and colorful collection is designed for the active city person and their furry best friend. This holiday season, stuff your pup’s stocking with High5Dogs, a brand that facilitates you bringing your pup anywhere you go.  

These leashes are a combination of functionality, simplicity and style.

The CLIC leash – Perfect when you go for a mulled wine or a dark beer in town. Go and enjoy that autumn sun with your dog; simply swing the leash handle around an armrest or a table leg and lock it into the carabiner and your pooch is safely secured. No more lifting chairs or tying knots! 

  • Convenient tethering
  • Tethering without having to unleash your dog
  • Untether with only one hand 
  • Easy to shorten

The CLIC shoulder leash – For those running around doing their holiday shopping whilst walking their dogs. Simply throw the leash over theshoulder and you have both hands free to pay for presents or to carry them! The shoulder leash also comes with the convenient CLIC mechanism for easy tethering. 

  • Hands-free dog walking
  • Convenient tethering
  • Tethering without having to unleash your dog
  • Untether with only one hand


High5dogs offers two collections: the Metropolitan collection, a luxurious line with leather trimmings, and the leisure collection, a sporty and colorful line.

Let your pooch join in on the holiday celebrations this season! 

Visit for more information on these awesome products for you and your canine best friend.

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