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ModMaven Announces Coupon Giveaway to Celebrate New Website Launch

Image result for modmaven logoRecently, the exclusive fashion accessories and office/school supplies distributor has announced the launch of its brand-new website –,where customers can enjoy a large selection of pencil cases, notebooks, zipper rings, binders, tote bags and many more products, bearing distinguishable patterns developed by notable Brazilian fashion designer Dudu Bertolini.

To celebrate the fresh new website, ModMaven has prepared a gift for their first customers in the form of a coupon that offers a 10% discount on all products, featured on ModMaven. The discount code is as it follows: SHOPMOD10 and can be used by any registered user for any product till further notice.

ModMaven created a buzz by being the exclusive distributor to the well-established Brazilian company DAC, who has been in the business for over 45 years. The story of the company’s official website launch appealed to numerous notable media outlets which covered it on their online pages, including NBCFOX8, KTVN (CBS) and channel 10.

The company is expressing their joy for all the attention it received and vows to do their best to continue providing the most interesting and stylish products on the market for any customer who likes to put color into their lifestyle.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website and at and take a good look at the long list of useful products, ranging from journals, notebooks, folders and pencil cases to make-up bags and shoulder bags, all impressing with their memorable designs.

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