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Nutriblade offers a natural energy boost just in time for the new school year

Looking for healthy back-to-school options? Nutriblade organic wheatgrass beverages keep the entire family healthy and naturally energized for the busy school schedule as immune systems and energy levels are often tested.

Nutriblade is the first to offer all the superfood benefits of wheatgrass in an easy, grab-and-go 2.5oz bottle. Runners, athletes, and active lifestyles benefit from its inclusion of key electrolytes and micronutrients, aiding in revitalizing the body. The nutrient dense composition works to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body while hydrating and returning one’s PH levels to their natural state.

Containing only 30 calories a bottle, the Nutriblade Wheatgrass Shot is packed full of energy generating vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and powerful antioxidants. Furthermore, the powerful composition regulates blood sugar levels, minimizing food cravings and unnecessary snacking.

Nutriblade products are non-GMO; vegan; gluten-free; dairy, nut, and soy free; contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives; and bottled in BPA free bottles for quality and peace of mind. Available for purchase at retailers nationwide including Whole Foods, CVS, Jewel-Osco​, Fresh Thyme, Safeway as well as Amazon and



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