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Time for Fresno to come together, not move further apart

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When blogs are at their best, they entertain, inspire and spark healthy debate that lingers for weeks. FresnoDad aspires to those heights, but admittedly we’re still miles away. We’re still in our infancy, looking to find our voice, while others qualify as a must-read every week.

The Fresnan is definitely in that class.

Blogger Mike Seay, who runs The Fresnan, posted a witty item this morning about how it’s time for Fresno to break up with Northeast Fresno. Not an entirely novel concept, of course, but Seay did bring a unique perspective to the discussion. Among the highlights:

It’s time we let NE Fresno go, guys.

They don’t really like Fresno and the rest of Fresno doesn’t really like them. It’s like we’re in a relationship that neither wants to be in but both of us are too nice to dump one another. I’ll be the asshole here. “Sorry, Northeast Fresno, it’s not us, it’s you. Can you please find a place to stay tonight?”

Go away, NE. You have way too much power for a bunch of track houses and strip malls.

We don’t need ya and you don’t like going into the Tower District or Downtown anyway.

Even as a NE Fresno resident who disagrees with his ultimate solution, I thought this was fantastic. Obviously NE Fresno is never going to secede from Fresno proper — even if there are surely some on both sides who would vote for such a move tomorrow — but this posting sure got people talking. And that’s a good thing.

There’s a lot of truth in Seay’s commentary — too many of my friends couldn’t identify the Tower District even if their Uber driver dropped them off in front of the Fresno Soap Co. — but if we’re smart we won’t give up on bringing our entire city together.

If anything, we should be looking into more ways to bridge the real divide between NE Fresno and the rest of the city.

Satirical posts like Seay’s highlight that divide and contribute to possible change in a positive way. But we need more community leaders — not just elected officials — to keep pushing. Don’t write off people who live in tract houses and eat at the boring Sequoia’s. Let’s not be so quick to call the divorce lawyer. Instead, keep pushing on downtown redevelopment and promoting success stories like CMAC and hidden gems such as the Tree of Life Cafe.

This won’t be easy, of course. But every relationship has challenges. When it comes down to it, each side needs each other. We’re willing to do whatever it takes, from marriage counseling to federal grant funding or even a citywide sing-a-long. Let’s get it done so that we can live in world where a city called Clovis West never exists.






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