Stand out from the crowd with Hot Chocolate Design

Graduation is just around the corner and all eyes will be on you. Jazz up your cap and gown with the perfect pair of shoes from Hot Chocolate Design.

Take the next steps in your life with stylish shoes that will add just the right amount of pop. Here’s the thing: you can’t really see much underneath your gown, so aside from that celebratory lunch or dinner you have with friends and family after it’s all over, your dress doesn’t make much of an impact.

Your shoes, on the other hand, are everything. With an endless selection of cute styles from Hot Chocolate Design, you can make your closing hurrah fashionable and fun!

Standing out from the rest can sometimes translate to picking a pair of gorgeous but impossible to walk in heels. Falling onstage is every graduates’ nightmare, so don’t trip, keep your chin up and shop for a perfect mix of practical and symbolic with Hot Chocolate Design:

  • Doris Mary Jane Pump: Keep it fun and floral while you mix and match a polka dot print that pops with your cap and gown! With cushioned inner soles and arch support, you’ll be extra comfy while you walk on stage.

  • Paint: Add some color to your outfit for the big day with an out-of-this-world paint pattern! These vibrant hues and a gorgeous geometric heel will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Geometric: Why be a square when you’ve got such a big personality? Show off your fun and funky side with these fabulous heels!

  • Storm: While we hope there’s no chance of showers, these Storm shoes will make their mark on any graduation ceremony! Send a message with the vibrant yellow and bold black and white print on your special day

Graduation can cause a lot of stress, but before you embrace all the change coming your way, step off that stage with gorgeous graduation shoes. Strut your stuff straight to a diploma with the styles from Hot Chocolate Design!

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About Hot Chocolate Design

Founded in 2004 by Pablo Martínez & Carolina Aguerrevere, Hot Chocolate Design emerged into the Venezuelan market as al fresh and innovative accessories brand, based on the consumer’s desire to rebel against uniformity and creative rigidity provided by mass-produced brands.

The inspiration behind HCD comes from the founder’s lifestyle, their passion for collecting vintage items, and a nostalgia for all of the things that made them feel happy and comfortable when they were young.

The HCD creative team draws inspiration from art, artifacts, colors, textures and patterns that they treasured in their youth, as well as their yearning to come across them again in their adult lives, transformed as Hot Chocolate Design’s one-of-a-kind shoes and accessories.

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