Summer Vacation Accessorizing Gets More Stylish with Harts & Pearls

hearts1Harts & Pearls headbands are made from a performance knit custom blend that are moisture wicking, making them perfect for the gym or outdoor adventure, a night out or for a quick, easy hairstyle change.

The “hart” of Harts & Pearls’ passion is owner Desiree Burgess. At the birth of her daughter in 2011, Burgess made the leap of faith into pursuing her dream of designing adorable accessories for modern women. More than just a headband, Harts & Pearls helps women feel beautiful and stay stylish with their busy schedules.

Discover some new different, delightful designs for every budget:

  • Slip on an eye-catching, mustard yellow Gold Courage turban head-wrap with black bull skull print —it’s a symbol of protection and represents courage, toughness, and agility. ($26)
  • Pull on an ultra soft-knit Allure turban head-wrap in blush pink with a floral print of mint, teal, mustard, and white boho to show off a bold, yet delicate charm. ($26)
  • Wrap up in a bright white Wink turban head-wrap with a black lash print that is fun, flirtatious, and edgy offering a symbol of beauty and fashion bravery with a touch a sass. ($26)
  • Don a buttery soft, black 21st Century turban head-wrap with flower-child floral print for that modern hippie who highly regards life, positivity energy and lifting others up. ($24)

Be courageous with your clothes and stay stylish in a hurry with the pretty pieces from Harts & Pearls.

On a mission to give back to the community, Harts & Pearls has partnered with non-profit Raise For Rowyn to bring hope and support to families struggling with the loss of a child.

Ready to spice up your style? Visit to make your everyday more chic.


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