The ultimate gifts for Mother’s Day: French Sole and Fursan Handbags

With Mother’s Day coming up it’s always a struggle to find the perfect gift for the women in your life whether it’s your mother, grandmother or mother-in-law. Looking for the perfect gift that will show your leading lady that you love her.

The perfect way to put a smile on their face is to buy them French Sole Shoes or Fursan Handbags. These two gifts are timeless, classy and unique the perfect combination that will win their heart and definitely make you the favorite, child, grandchild or relative.

About French Sole Shoes:

French Sole Shoes are the original ballet flat since 1983. French Sole offers a variety of flats and wedges in many different sizes and colors for women of all ages. French Sole is notorious for having celebrities clients.

Such celebrities include, The Janes Life, Blake Lively, Claudia Schiffer, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Moss etc. French Soles Flagship store can be found on Lexington Avenue in New York City.

Browse The French Sole Website at

About FURSAN Handbags:

fusanThe Dazzah is the #ItBag of 2017! Dazzah Collection by FURSAN is inspired by the beauty and prestige of the Qatari Heritage. Dazzah handbag by FURSAN reflects a perfect pairing of the ancient crafts, where handmade personal chest drawer and handbag come together as an artistic expression of one’s own personal style.

Dazzah handbag captures the essence of the FURSAN woman by reflecting traditional roots with a modern twist. Finally, the most luxurious bags to come to the United States are now available.

Each handbag is crafted by one artisan to ensure that the merchandise has a sense of consistency. Fursan handbags are distinct and combine modern and elegant elements in their collection that make Fursan handbags a must have accessory. Hand picked material is also used to create each handbag which allows the handbag to bring out the light and charisma of the Fursan woman.

The goal of Fursan handbag owner, Ibrahim is to make every woman to feel as though she is stepping into a world of opulence and fortune.

Visit FURSAN’s website:


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