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Connect with the community through Stewardship Travel

Cambria, CA
Earth Day is every day in Cambria! As we look forward to celebrating Earth Day, Cambria is the perfect place to give back to mother earth and enjoy her splendor.
Stewardship travel means forming connections with the land, wildlife, history, people and culture of a community. It’s about adding a bit of doing good and feeling good to your vacation. A fun way to learn more about stewardship travel is to take this quiz:

“Stewardship travel invites visitors to join Cambria in taking care of its community,” says Linda Finley, Cambria’s stewardship travel ambassador. “Cambria has always been a hub for people who care about nature, history and small towns. Famous for its pines, Cambria is equally well known for its arts community, clean beaches and as a serene retreat for weary road warriors.”

All year long, there are a variety of ongoing activities and annual events that allow guests to Cambria the opportunity to do as the locals do. Don’t just be a tourist. Don’t just stop by. Be a steward of the things that make Cambria unique. Everyone can make a difference.

Cambria has a rich history dating back to the 1860s. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the self-guided walking tour that visits 26 historic structures throughout the small and welcoming town.

Start your tour at the well-preserved Cambria Historical Museum downtown. There, you’ll purchase the walking tour guide book, “Historic Cambria – Treasures of the Past.”

All proceeds benefit the Education Program at the Museum.

Join Stolo Family Winery & Vineyards every first Saturday of the month on their 23-acre vineyard up beautiful Santa Rosa Creek Road, just minutes from the small, historical coastal town of Cambria. Take an educational walk through the vineyards and learn the history of the location, what’s going on in the vineyard at the time of your visit and how it affects the vines and overall growing season.

Finish your walk and talk in the rustic tasting room and winery with a complimentary sample of three estate wines. Learn briefly about the boutique wine making process and connect the flavors of the wine with the vineyard itself.

Acquiring property for public access and open space is only the beginning of the process to save land for future generations. It is the belief of Friends of Fiscalini Ranch Preserve that by remaining open to the public, the Preserve can serve as the much-needed connection to nature we all crave. However, keeping it open and in a natural state means taking care of the land and its few improvements.

No funds were given with the purchase of the Preserve for this, so this work is solely performed by generous volunteers on the monthly clean-up days, where they pull unwanted weeds, pick up trash and generally beautify the Preserve.

Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch will also be offering a docent-led hike beginning at 9:30 am on Saturday, April 22. For more information about docent-led hikes at Fiscalini Ranch, visit

Nestled among towering pines and the shimmering sea on California’s Central Coast, Cambria, California is a picturesque village that unfolds along scenic Highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles on the Central Coast of California, just six miles south of the famous historic landmark Hearst Castle. For more information, or to book a stay, please go to


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