Tough Hands: New power tool for soothing hard-working hands

unnamed-2If you’re like me, the cold winter weather can do a number on your hands. I’ve tried various remedies to varying success, but this latest discovery might be the best option yet. Tough Hands, a moisturizer from Australia, is designed to renovate and repair dry, cracked callus hands, not just make them feel temporarily smooth, or smell pretty.

Tough Hands says that you’ll see visual improvement within five days of use, and there’s truth in advertising there. The product worked wonders on me by forming a non-greasy protective barrier against the cold weather.

The makers of Tough Hands realized that the hardest working hands needed a different level of care and so they created this protective shield.  Although it is billed as “industrial strength” its ingredients couldn’t be more gentle or nurturing to hands in need of serious TLC.  These include:

– Urea 10% – natural skin conditioner and humectant that maintains skin moisture balance

– Vitamin E – promotes healing, replenishes moisture, and rehydrates rough, dry skin

– Lactic acid – exfoliates dead skin cells to smooth skin and restore suppleness

– Dimethicone – shields, protects and prevents loss of vital oils

– Sodium PCA – intensive moisturizer proven 50% superior to glycerin.  It acts in synergy with urea to hold moisture in skin

– Lemon myrtle and tea tree – two natural antimicrobial ingredients 

Tough Hands is free of lanolin, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol.  It comes in a 5.1 fl. oz tube, a hygienic alternative to jars or tubs.

“The hardest working hands require a whole different level of care,” said Marshall Lees, CEO at DU’IT USA. ” We created Tough Hands to be an ‘industrial strength’ moisturizer because its gentle yet effective ingredients combine to address constant exposure to materials used in many industries such as healthcare, beauty, food service and many others.”

Tough Hands is available at CVS stores nationwide; to find a retailer or to purchase Tough Hands, visit


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