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School Box Club launches subscription based box of school supplies

Group of little studentsSchool Box Club recently launched a monthly subscription service of educational supplies for children ages 3-11. Every box is specially curated and designed for each child based on grade level, gender and interests.

Started by a mom of six (two kids her own and four step-kids), School Box Club is designed to help busy parents by ensuring their kids have fun activities and supplies to stay stimulated and entertained both in the classroom and at home.

No two School Boxes are alike but a sample of supplies can include pencils, paper, fun workbooks, coloring books, seasonal activities and more. Additionally, for every School Box purchased, a box will be donated to a child in need.

“As a mom I constantly found myself buying pens, paper, crayons and workbooks for my kids but knew there had to be an easier way than constantly going to the store, that’s when School Box Club was formed,” said Co-Founder Victoria Prince. “We take such care and pride in each box that goes out, always taking into consideration the child’s needs, ensuring they have the tools to succeed while bringing the fun back into learning!”

Parents have the flexibility to choose between four different plans, after selecting the grade level of each child receiving a School Box. To join School Box Club visit


School Box Club is a monthly subscription of educational supplies based on a child’s age and gender. For every Box purchased, a box is donated to a child in need. For additional information visit



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