For lasting love, give long lasting roses by Luxe Bloom that last 60+ days

luxe17It never fails. You rush out for flowers for Valentine’s Day and the once-beautiful roses are dead the next day.
Fortunately, Luxe Bloom roses are different. Real Ecuadorian roses preserved using an ancient method, Luxe Bloom roses maintain their natural vibrant beauty for at least 60 days-no watering or refrigeration required. What could be a finer symbol of lasting love than sentimental and luxurious Valentine’s Day roses that remain stunning for months?

This Valentine’s Day, indulge your loved one with a gift from Luxe Bloom. For the holiday, Luxe Bloom is offering floral creations for every type of relationship. For new relationships, the Four-Rose Cube ($70) makes a sweet gi ft without being too forward. For people wanting to top last year’s gift, the Nine-Rose Cube ($120) is both breathtaking and heartfelt.

To show a longtime love how much you appreciate them, the 14-Rose Rectangle ($190), which comes in a gorgeous white ceramic, is a lovely way to express your feelings and serves as an eye-catching centerpiece that will be cherished for months to come. Customize your gift and choose between Crimson, Sangria and Orchid rose colors.

The gift of Luxe Bloom is a true gift of luxury. The market leader in the luxury preserved flower industry, Luxe Bloom rose arrangements can be found in leading luxury hotels such as the St. Regis Washington, St. Regis New York, Langham Hotel Chicago and Langham Place New York. Gifting your Valentine Luxe Bloom is giving your loved one a gift of beauty, luxury and lasting commitment.

Contact Luxe Bloom’s floral concierge today to begin your custom floral order at 312-492-7772 or via email at To order online, visit

About Luxe Bloom
Based in Chicago, Illinois, Luxe Bloom, LLC was founded in early 2013 by former Fortune 50 executive Shelley Rosen. Luxe Bloom offers real, long-lasting rose arrangements to luxury business operators and consumers on a monthly recurring basis. Luxe Bloom roses are 100% ethically sourced from Ecuador, producer of the world’s finest roses.

Luxe Bloom was named a Finalist for the Best Innovative Products Editor’s Choice Awards at the 2012 International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show and has been featured on NBC’s The Today Show and QVC.

View the whole collection at . Follow Luxe Bloom news at, Like Luxe Bloom on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter at @Luxebloomroses and on Instagram at luxebloomroses.


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