The ultimate Valentine’s Day gesture: Roseshire creates unprecedented 10-dozen rose collection


Looking to go over-the-top this Valentine’s Day? Check out the latest from Roseshire, which has announced the limited release of their 10-dozen “Legacy” collection.

The special collection features 120 premier quality, hand-manicured red roses – each adorned with individual water tubes – within a custom-designed Roseshire box.

Pre-orders are now being accepted on Roseshire’s website for the Legacy 10-dozen roses at $700. The 120 roses are displayed within an intricately designed gold and black box that is 41/2-feet long and weighs 35 pounds, making the delivery an event unto itself.

“Valentine’s Day is a time to ‘go big’ with an expression of love,” stated Don Hotton, CEO of Roseshire. “The 10-dozen collection is our way to honor and celebrate the rose on a dramatic scale. More than that, it offers our customers a way ‘to shout it from the rooftops,’ so to speak, in their declarations of love. ”

In conceptualizing the box, Roseshire’s product innovator, Nasim Pakmanesh, was inspired by extravagant standards of kings, queens and celebrated dynasties. “Our 10-dozen Legacy collection is designed to set the highest bar on a gift of flowers.  From the regal design of the box to the lavish display of superior roses, the recipient will truly feel like royalty,” he added.

Those who are on tighter budgets or prefer more subtle gestures of affection also have the option of Roseshire’s signature “Kiss Kiss” collection or “Legendary” collection, available in one dozen, two dozen or four dozen boxes, starting at $95. Pre-order by the end of January for free shipping by Valentine’s Day.

Roseshire builds their products locally and ships overnight, nationwide. Each product is handmade, and each rose is assessed, manicured, and affixed with individual water tubes to ensure the superior quality and health.  The roses arrive in Roseshire’s trademark box, ranging in different colors from black to “Rose Wood.”

California-based Roseshire launched in August of 2014, bringing a luxury brand of roses to the floral market. Founded by 3rd generation florist Don Hotton and product innovator Nasim Pakmanesh, the goal continues in elevating the floral delivery model while honoring the rose as rightful symbol of beauty and love.

Roseshire began its takeoff in the Spring of 2015, after receiving viral social media exposure, attracting attention from tastemakers, sports figures and celebrities for the brand’s distinctive rose collections and displays.




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