Bouquet Bar: The new luxury box for Valentine’s Day

It’s not too early to start thinking about a Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone. Our shopping guide kicks off with the Bouquet Bar, the new luxury floral gift box launching January 19, just in time to make everyone’s Valentine’s wish come true.

Bouquet Bar is created from the belief that gifting is an art.

“Lack of time should not prevent anyone from making a meaningful gift to a loved one, that’s where Bouquet Bar plays a vital role” says Co-Founder David Yusuf.

Comfortably packed in a luxurious yet surprisingly economical box, Bouquet Bar is available in three different sizes. Beautiful floral arrangements are paired with savory nuts, delicious treats, gourmet popcorn, delightful chocolates, unique blends tea blends and honey.

Founders David Yusuf and Alex Amidi are behind the glamorous floral arrangements that grace lavish hotel lobbies like the one at the iconic Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel, the Ritz Carlton Dana Point and some of the most exclusive weddings and events in Southern California.

As an organic extension to their business, Bouquet Bar focuses on bringing that same excellency in floral design to people with an easy click of a button.

During their continued career as owners of the floral design company Square Root Designs , the duo has been approached by numerous clients in search for the perfect floral gift.

It was quickly evident that customers were looking for something different and innovative, but more importantly something that would be consistently perfect. Bouquet Bar is born as the solution to their needs.

Playing on the name Bouquet Bar, the company’s three boxes are:

Champagne Box: Sumptuous and elegant. Featuring a full-size, breathtaking bouquet and two individual presents personally selected by you from an exclusive assortment of gourmet treats and restorative indulgences. (From $199)

Martini Box: Bold and elegant. This expertly styled larger gift box holds six individual presents, personally selected by you from our exclusive assortment of gourmet treats,restorative indulgences and exquisite floral arrangements. (From $115)

Cocktail Box: Simple and elegant. The most affordable designer gift box holds three individual presents, hand selected by you from our exclusive assortment of delicious treats, restorative indulgences and exquisite floral arrangements. (From $65)



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