Downsizing 101: Real estate agent’s tips for a smaller home in 2017

smart17We’re just a few weeks into 2017, and among the most popular New Year’s resolutions includes getting your finances in order. For many, this means downsizing: moving into a smaller, less expensive home for retirement. According to real estate agent Matt Parker, downsizing is not only a good financial decision—it’s also good for your mental health.

“Most people are happy in smaller homes, on smaller lots, with less to worry about,” says Parker, author of Real Estate Smart. “It’s not hard to predict how you will use your housing. Good research indicates which rooms are valuable and which ones are wasted. Why waste space?”

Among the topics in Parker’s new book:

  • What you need to consider when downsizing into a smaller home
  • The most important room of the house, why it should be the largest—even when moving to a smaller dwelling
  • Why downsizing should not be limited to older Americans who are looking to (or who already have) retired
  • The value that downsizing has on happiness
  • How you can live large in a tiny space

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