$9.5 billion wasted on Christmas gifts each year, according to study

gifts17Drove by River Park today in a misguided attempt at picking up some last-minute gifts at Costco and quickly turned around. Too much congestion and overstressed shoppers for me, thank you very much.
I thought of all these crazed Christmas shoppers later when I came across the latest report from on unwanted gifts. According to the study, an estimated $9.5 billion is wasted on unwanted gifts each year, men are the fussiest when it comes to gifts they don’t like, and many people waste these gifts by keeping them anyway or even throwing them out. So there’s a big chance that the gift you’ll be giving this year won’t be wanted.
The survey of 2,005 American adults was commissioned by personal finance comparison website and conducted by global research provider pureprofile.
  • estimates Americans waste over $9.5 billion on unwanted gifts every year

  • 54% of Americans don’t like at least 1 gift they receive for Christmas every year. Men are fussiest, with 55% of men admitting this compared to 54% of women

  • These people receive 2.3 unwanted gifts on average each year

    • 2.2 for women and 2.6 for men

  • These presents are worth $31 each – that’s $71 wasted on each of these people every year

    • $30 for women and $33 for men

  • 39% of people keep these gifts anyway, while one-quarter (26%) exchange them, 1 in 5 give them to someone else, 3% donate their unwanted gifts to charity, 1% even throw them away,

  • Most unwanted presents are clothing and accessories (46%), followed by household items (13%), cosmetics and fragrances (12%), literature (6%), technology (5%), food and drink (4%), music (3%)

  • Other unwanted gifts (11%) include sex toys, gift cards, jewellry, wall calendars, scented candles and gag gifts

  • Friends give the worst presents, followed by parents then in-laws and then partners

  • 8% of Americans said their partners give the worst gifts

  • Over 1 in 10 Americans (12%) admitted that they have deliberately bought someone a present they knew they wouldn’t like

    • Men are the biggest culprits of this, with 21% of men admitting they have done this while 8% for women have

  • 1% of people said getting drunk was their favorite part about the holidays, while 4% said there’s nothing they like about Christmas

  • Others said they love everything about the holidays, decorating and Christmas lights, celebrating the birth of Jesus, and some said their favorite part is when it’s over

  • Bosses are the person Americans don’t want to buy presents for, followed by their mother-in-law

  • Almost 1 in 5 (18%) of Americans said their partners are hopeless at buying presents for the

One thought on “$9.5 billion wasted on Christmas gifts each year, according to study

  1. I don’t understand this whole mad consumerism thing. For me Christmas is about love, family, sharing – and the joy of choosing a special gift, or making one – that is perfect for whoever will be receiving it.
    Some shops here in Adelaide are already selling Easter hot cross buns. They hit the shelves on Boxind Day !


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