Tis’ the season for glam! Fortunately, dads can turn to Goody for help

goody1The holidays are upon us and that means our daughters are ready to go full holiday glam. This is not necessarily a good thing for most dads, who struggle to help with their daughter’s hair on a regular day. Getting ready for a holiday event can easily turn into a hair-tastrophe without a little help.

Fortunately, our friends at Goody have everything you need to make getting ready a stress-free exercise. First tip: Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice your daughter’s cute hairstyle in the hustle and bustle of the holiday. Here are a few fun accessories and kits to help your daughters achieve holiday chic.

Grab the Goody Fancy Fishtail Kit for a quick and easy style that looks like it took hours to complete and is completely on trend. The Goody Vintage Twist Kit, that makes elegance effortless in 3 easy steps.

Nothing says glam like side swept curls, but how about adding a little sparkle with Goody’s FashionNow Luxe Barrette?

brush1The gift that keeps on giving, Goody is the perfect stocking stuffer for all the fabulous people in your life:

Goody also has something for fans of the new animated movie Trolls! The Goody Trolls Gift Pack with a Poppy Pink Hair Brush includes all the accessories you need to create a trolltastic look. The flower headwrap features Poppy’s signature blue flowers and the hair clip helps control bangs, flyways and loose hairs. Use the ribbon hair elastics to put your hair in the air, just like the Trolls.



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