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EYE-Q’s ‘Season of Giving’ lasts all year long


The Board of EYE-Q Vision Care has a somewhat unique stance when it comes to being a local business: serving your community should go beyond the products and services you provide. Every year, EYE-Q doctors and staff focus on giving back in ways that will directly impact the people that live in the Central Valley. To EYE-Q doctors and staff, this is the true meaning of being a local business.

In 2016, EYE-Q Vision Care donated over $150,000 to non-profit organizations in the Central Valley. Some of these donated funds are part of EYE-Q’s annual budget; some of it is donated personally by employees, where they dedicate a percentage of their paycheck to go to a charity of their collective choice.

EYE-Q also fundraises externally, relying on members of the community to help them give back. In fact, EYE-Q donates money to over 50 organizations throughout the year. Donations of any amount are beneficial, and this is the perfect illustration of that. When many people give a little, they can make a big difference together.

Recipients of EYE-Q Vision Care donations this year include:

Community Medical Centers

EYE-Q Vision Care has been giving to the Community Medical Centers for nearly 30 years, according to Katie Zenovich, Vice President and Chief Development Officer at CMC. This year, EYE-Q reached the “Visionary” level of giving within the organization, one of the highest donor recognition levels.

“These people lead, when it comes to things like this,” said Zenovich. “It’s really beautiful how they believe in making sure that the community is benefitting from what they do.”

Valley Center for the Blind

EYE-Q Vision Care regularly partners with Valley Center for the Blind so that patients facing difficult diagnoses have resources and support from a local organization. “They are a huge, valuable partner to us because they’ve been so consistent through the years,” said Ken Warkentin, Executive Director at Valley Center for the Blind. “Without partners like EYE-Q, who faithfully and continually support us, we would not be able to do what we do.”

Court-Appointed Special Advocates

EYE-Q employees selected CASA as their charity-of-choice this year, meaning that they donated a portion of every paycheck to CASA automatically. “What it represents is the community spirit we need in support of CASA,” said Nathan Lee, Executive Director of CASA. “We need lots of people to give whatever they can so that kids who need advocates in the foster care system can have that life-changing opportunity.”

About EYE-Q Vision Care

EYE-Q Vision Care provides 16 doctors to the Central Valley with specialties in LASIK, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disease, cornea, pediatrics, and ophthalmic plastic surgery. EYE-Q uses the latest proven technology available to provide its patients the opportunity for the best possible outcome.

EYE-Q has been in practice for over 50 years and has offices in Fresno, Clovis and Selma. Its mission is to help patients see, look and feel their best. For additional information, visit or call (559) 486-2000.


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