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Composer Hanan Townshend behind uplifting soundtrack for holiday film ‘Heaven Sent’

Hollywood composer Hanan Townshend unveils his fifth and final score of the year this Sat., Dec. 3 with the premiere of the holiday feature produced by Cantinas Entertainment, “Heaven Sent.” The movie will broadcast on the Lifetime Network at 8/7 Central.

The music for the new family film is not only beautiful but is sure to be in holiday playlists for years to come.

“The original score for ‘Heaven Sent’ is a bright, comical Christmas soundtrack that explores the world of love, loss, and redemption,” says the New Zealand-born composer. “The instrumentation for the soundtrack is a delicate mix of strings, woodwinds, Celeste and solo girl vocals.”

The feel-good feature, written by Rick Ramage and directed by Michael Landon Jr., stars Christian Kane (“Leverage”), Marley Shelton (“Planet Terror”), Mallory James Mahoney (“Dig”), Ernie Hudson (“Ghostbusters”) and Ryan McPartlin (“Chuck”).

The film is about a couple that is on the verge of signing divorce papers and pray for a sign to help them decide their future. Unbeknownst to the pair, their prayers will be answered by an eight-year-old angel that comes to them equipped with laughs, adventure and lots of fun.

In the same vein as Christmas classics like the 1940s hits “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street,” the new Christmas flick aims to thaw cold hearts and bring out the holiday spirit in everyone.

The film’s composer is hoping this will be one that will warm hearts every holiday season and is looking forward to watching it this weekend with his family.

“One of the many reasons I wanted to work on ‘Heaven Sent’ was because it was the first movie I ever worked on that my ten-year-old son could sit down and watch with me.”

Although the story is meant to take place during Christmas, the feature’s screenwriter reiterates that this is a film for everyone.

“I see it as a very family-oriented film,” Ramage says. “Michael and I take no position as far as religion goes.”

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