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Oakhurst Christmas tree installed, decorated and awaiting lighting


The holiday spirit is in the air and ‘tis the season for holiday trees and decorations to start appearing, as crews delivered a 40-foot White Fir to its new home in Oakhurst to serve as this year’s community Christmas Tree.

Donated by Sierra Tel, the tree was logged under permit from the Sierra National Forest.  The Sierra Tel crew harvested and transported the tree to the traditional spot at Highway 41 and Road 426 at the Talking Bear/Century 21 Ditton Realty Plaza.

“There is nothing like a 40-foot Christmas tree to bring in the holiday spirit!  I love it that the Oakhurst Community Christmas tree is located on the most visible intersection in Oakhurst so everyone can enjoy it.  Those of us on the committee for the tree lighting event, held the first Saturday in December, work for several months in advance to bring this gift to all who see it, whether they live nearby or are just passing through.  It is a glorious thing to behold,” said Laura Norman, Public Relations Supervisor for Sierra Tel.

Crews continue their efforts to put up hundreds of Christmas Lights and decorations in preparation for the annual Christmas Tree Lighting on December 3.

“Having a community Christmas tree is really special for locals, but also for our visitors so that they can experience the community spirit.  I was really impressed to hear that it takes days to put up the Christmas lights on the tree.  How wonderful Sierra Tel is giving us all a holiday gift,” said Therese Williams, Director of Public Relations for Visit Yosemite Madera County.

For a full list of Christmas events throughout Madera County, go to http://www.yosemitethisyear.com/whats-happening

About Visit Yosemite Madera County

The Southern Yosemite Visitors Bureau was formed in 1985. It has been operating at The Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau for 30 years.  The Bureau was established by a group from the Eastern Madera County Chamber of Commerce with a vision of the growing potential for drawing the millions of visitors to Yosemite National Park to the many businesses and attractions in Madera County.

Recently the visitor’s bureau changed its name to Visit Yosemite | Madera County to more accurately reflect its mission to promote all there is to see and do in Yosemite and Madera County.


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