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CommunicoTool wins MedStartUp Award as best life science innovator


The Galien Foundation and Business France has announced that CommunicoTool, a communication app dedicated to support nonverbal and children with autism, as this year’s MedStartUp winners. The award recognizes and rewards partnerships between North American and French innovators in the Life Science Industry.

As the winner competing against 8 other startups, CommunicoTool asserts their leadership as one of the best educational technology tools.

CommunicoTool partnered with the Brooklyn Autism School (BAC) and came together with the common goal to integrate proven assistive communication into students’ routines in order to help them in their language and development disorders. Therefore they created, developed and tested a new module called Schedule for the students at the BAC.

The BAC has long stood as a credible organization dedicated to providing high quality and effective educational services for children that need 1:1 support. At the school, they utilize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which is the only teaching method scientifically proven to show consistent progress for children with autism. The Schedule Module was then designed to meet the needs of the BAC’s students, which will allow CommunicoTool to empirically test and analyze the effectiveness of the module.

The case study will be tested in the coming months to allow CommunicoTool to receive the appropriate feedback necessary to perfect their newly designed module and overall app. Children who will use the new module will also gain an assortment of benefits including confidence with their communication, independent decision making skills and positive increase in social behavior.

One single idea inspired by my daughter has now helped countless other children with autism, says Frédéric Guibet, Founder and CEO.

With the high reward of winning the MedStartUp Awards, CommunicoTool will continue to lead by example in order to exemplify ourselves as the best educational model to shed more awareness to the autism community.

CommunicoTool is currently at version 2 and hosts 8 different modules including: Communication, Communication +, Sequences, Doloris, Feelings, Timer, Core Vocabulary and Schedule Beta. The entire app can be personally customized to each family’s life by uploading their own pictures to the app. It is available for tablets running iOS or Android and is free for the first month, then costs $2.99 per month or $59.99 for life. They will also be exhibiting at the Bay Area Abilities Expo in San Jose on November 18-20.

About CommunicoTool

Created in late 2012 by Frédéric Guibet, CommunicoTool is a French startup specialized in communication applications, originally under the CTEXDEV masthead. Frédéric, who has an autistic daughter, quickly realized that the tablet was to his child, what a wheelchair is to someone affected by motor disabilities. He decided to create a communication app for tablets aimed at people, like his daughter, who faced challenges from their speech impediments.


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