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Bud Light cancels Amy Schumer-Seth Rogan campaign, and not a day too soon


According to Adweek, Bud Light has cancelled the “The Bud Light Party” ad campaign, which featured the unlikely ticket of Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen. Unlike Jeb Bush, Mario Rubio and so many others, Bud Light waited too long to exit the race. Really, this campaign should never have received the green light.

Schumer and Rogen are both incredibly talented comedians/actors, but they had nothing to work with here. Schumer was already suffering from overexposure when the campaign launched, and Rogen looked like a bad fit from the start. Both were known for their independence before the campaign launched, but there was nothing fresh about these commercials. You could tell both of them were only doing it for the check, which seemed very out of character for each of them.

Apparently, Bud Light will now focus on the Bud Light X Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour and its NFL-focused marketing efforts.

“We recently wrapped the Bud Light Party campaign, [which was always intended to end in the fall], to transition to Bud Light’s NFL programming, supported by strong creative execution and significantly increased coverage of our team cans across the U.S.,” said Bud Light senior director of marketing communications Lisa Weser.

Bud Light has a long history of creative, funny ad campaigns, so we’re willing to forget about this minor transgression. Even Schumer and Rogen get a pass — as long as they never appear in a commercial together again anytime soon.

One last note from the advertising world: Just want to say we’re in complete agreement with writer Peter King’s note in today’s column:

“The Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials must go. They must. Lincoln, I am begging you. Six thousand viewings is enough.”


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