Couple offers tips for a successful marriage – and all your other relationships


Sam and Terry Krause thought their marriage was pretty typical, until they noticed how often people would ask how they managed to enjoy each other’s company so much. “When we analyzed it, we realized that what we had was a unique and workable way to make our marriage successful,” they say. “And we wanted to share it.”

Sam and Terry understand that happiness is transitory, and so they focus on workability—which frequently, but not always, results in happiness. Their distinctive approach and wisdom (not surprisingly, laced with plenty of humor!) has spawned speaking engagements for Sam across the Northeastern United States, and has recently inspired a compelling, relationship-saving new book.

The Four Steps to a Successful Marriage – And All Your Other Relationships is unlike any other guide on the market today. Don’t expect a blueprint to a fairytale marriage, but do expect raw, frank advice on rolling up your sleeves and getting to work on the business of making your relationships truly workable and satisfying.


Over the past almost 30 years, many of our friends have asked us for the secret to our dynamic, successful marriage. A frequent comment is, “You two always seem to be so happy together.” In fact, this is not true. We are not always happy. We are; however, committed to each other, and we know how to restore our relationship to a state of workability. Whether you are a newlywed couple, a veteran couple, or you are just entering the dating scene—hear ye, hear ye—our secret is out! The Four Steps to a Successful Marriage will become your pocket guide to all your relationships.

“This book is for everyone and doesn’t have to be limited to marriage,” explains Sam Krause. “The advice Terry and I have given can be used in all interpersonal relationships.

“Initial reader feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. People are resonating with our advice and appreciate that it stems from our actual experience as a couple, as opposed to conceptual advice from so-called “relationship experts.” Relationships today are rampant with discord and uncertainty, but, with the right tools, they can be transformed to satisfying, nurturing and successful ones.”

According to reviewer A. C., “…a wonderfully written, witty, resource for anyone that is looking to improve their marriage or any other relationship that they are in. It is amazing how simple some of the steps are and how quickly one can turn their relationship around.”

‘The Four Steps to a Successful Marriage – And All Your Other Relationships’ is available now:

About the Authors:

Sam Krause is a marriage coach and sought-after public speaker with a unique, and often humorous, message about marriage and personal growth. A former standup comic who undertook the study of Kabbalah along the way, Sam mixes his light-hearted style with a profound appreciation for the human soul. He has collaborated with his wife, Terry, on another book, Hey Waiter…There’s God in My Soup! available for purchase at

Terry Krause, an alumna of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, spent 11 years in New York’s famous Garment District, designing for labels like Diane von Furstenberg and John Weitz. The superficial flash and glitz of the fashion industry moved Terry to take a closer look at the woman inside the clothing. Terry and Sam, her husband of over 30 years, have six children and seven grandchildren. They reside in Northern New Jersey.


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