Junior Achievement of Northern California Announces JA Glenlyon Scholarship Program

Photo courtesy of Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement of Northern California is pleased to announce JA is making a difference in improving student’s lives and their chances for economic success, through the establishment of the JA Glenlyon Scholarship Program, and the awarding of 3 student college scholarships in 2016. The program provides college-bound students with a 4-year, $2500 renewable scholarship aimed to inspire and support college success.

In the 2016, inaugural year, the JA Glenlyon Scholarship was awarded to three Northern California students: Joseph Fortuno, Gabriel Martin, and Joanelle Wilder. All three students exemplify JA’s mission to build an entrepreneurial mindset, develop financial and workplace skills, and begin their journey on the path toward financial capability and success.

Interested applicants may apply for next year’s JA Glenlyon Scholarship opportunity before March 1st. All information is under the student section of JA’s website at Scholarship Opportunities.

(This program isn’t open to Fresno-area students, but we’re posting the announcement in case parents know of any family friends/relatives in Northern California who might be interested. Plus, we’re big fans of the JA program!)

Parents, teachers and school administrators can reach out to Junior Achievement to request a program through our JA website, and bring JA to their school. If you or a student you know wants to volunteer, more information can be found here.


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